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  • Senior Manager- Land Acquisition

    Files: Job Advert -Senior Manager Land Acquisition (003).pdf

    Under the direction of the Managing Director, the Senior Manager Land Acquisition coordinates the procurement of all lands required for the construction of highways being built by the company. The position also oversees the management of GIS services.

    Main Duties & Responsibilities include:

    • Liaises with design engineers and other technical personnel to identify land needs for each highway; develops creative strategies to acquire properties owned by private citizens.
    • Develops comprehensive acquisition plan and makes recommendations to changes in the alignment to roadways which would minimize the acquisition cost.
    • Identifies and leads negotiations with external service providers (such as surveyors, valuators, lawyers) to facilitate the acquisition process; monitors the work of these service providers to ensure established performance agreements are met.
    • Leads negotiations with occupants/landowners for purchase of their property or for relocation to suitable government owned lands; ensures timely execution of agreements reached in order to minimize any dislocation of landowners or delays in the construction of the highways.
    • Guides the establishment of a databank of all land owned by the company; collaborates with other public sector entities such as the National Land Agency (NLA) for the acquisition of government owned land.
    • Directs the activities of the GIS team and ensures that quality service is delivered to other departments.
    • Develops and implements operating guidelines for the acquisition process and ensures that these are within the framework of GoJ procurement and legislative policies.
    • Participates in the development of the strategic and operational plans and budgets for the company; manages the budget for functions within the span of control ensuring that departmental objectives are achieved within the constraints of the budget.
    • Provides leadership and guidance to staff and ensures that they are effectively utilized to achieve the objectives of the department as well as their personal career goals and job satisfaction.
    • Prepares routine and special reports and represents the company externally as required.
    • Ensures proper and efficient management of lands which are required but not used in the Right of Way of the Highway & such lands which are severed and to be returned to productive use.
    • Carries out the eviction of persons, storage and disposal of items taken from properties acquired by NROCC.

    Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2024 at 05:00:00 PM

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