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Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project

Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ), through the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation (MEGJC), entered a US$274M Design-Build Construction Contract with China Harbour Engineering Company Limited (CHEC) (also known as “the Contractor”) for the execution of the Montego Bay Perimeter Road Project (MBPRP). The Executing Agency (EA) of the Project is the National Road Operating and Constructing Company Limited (NROCC) on behalf of MEGJC and includes the execution of works on the following:

  • Montego Bay Bypass Road.
  • Barnett Street/West Green Avenue Road Rehabilitation and includes rehabilitation and expansion works.
  • Long Hill Bypass to reduce road traffic congestion; and
  • Comprehensive Drainage Study of the Montego Bay Bypass area.

The aim of the Project is the development of an alternative route around the central business district (CBD) in Montego Bay to reduce congestion in the city and to spur economic benefit. The Project will provide additional capacity to the road network as well as offer the possibility of opening new areas to development along the corridor. As the only city in the western region of Jamaica, Montego Bay provides major government services to the parish of St. James, in addition to neighbouring parishes. This project is listed as one of the top priority development projects of Jamaica. The construction of MBPRP will be implemented using the Design-Build project delivery method.


Montego Bay Bypass

The Montego Bay Bypass Road will begin at the intersection of Alice Eldemire Drive and Howard Cooke Highway.  It will proceed west and then turn south around the sewage ponds. It will cross Bogue Road at Temple Gallery Road and use the Temple Gallery Road alignment. The alignment will cross Fairfield and follow the west side of the Montego River to the vicinity of Irwin Road. The Montego Bay Bypass will cross the Montego River and turn north and pass east of Cornwall Courts and east of Salt Spring.  It will intersect the North Coast Highway in Ironshore. The overall length of the Montego Bay Bypass Road is approximately 15.1 km.

Mobay Bypass


Long Hill Bypass

The Long Hill Bypass component of the project encompasses the construction of approximately 10.5 kilometers of rural arterial highway with climbing lanes and escape ramps where required, leading from Montpelier intersection of B8 Road and B6 Road to Temple Gallery Road. The Long Hill bypass will begin at the intersection of the proposed Montego Bay Bypass and the Temple Gallery/Clarence Nelson Drive, in the vicinity of the Bogue Village and Montego Bay West Village Housing Estates as an urban Intersection with “at-grade” crossing. The alignment will proceed in a general southerly direction through scrub land towards Bogue Hill crossing the Ramble Hill Road with a grade separated overpass.


Long Hill


Barnett Street and West Green Avenue Dualization:

Barnett Street improvement is the dualization of 1.06 km of the existing two-lane road section from the intersection of West Green and Fairfield Road in a northerly direction and ending at Cottage Road. The proposed works will involve the construction of an additional two-lane bridge over the Montego Bay River in the vicinity of the West gate Shopping Centre. West Green Avenue improvement is the dualization of the .82 km existing link road between Howard Cooke Boulevard and the Bogue Road at the Fairfield Road intersection. The construction will result in the removal of the existing round-a-bouts and the creation of signalized intersections, construction of sidewalks, concrete median barrier and drainage improvement.

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