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Alignment Map

Highway 2000 which was done by the French Canadian company, Dessau Soprin International with the assistance of 120 Jamaican professionals.  Subsequent to a pre-feasibility study conducted in 1996, a functional planning exercise was undertaken to identify and select the preferred alignment for Highway 2000.  Based on the recommendation of the pre-feasibility study, a one kilometer-wide corridor connecting the major cities of Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios was identified, using the least constraining methodology.

This methodology fundamentally sought to minimize a) adverse environmental impacts, b) properties to be acquired and c) construction costs.  This corridor was further reduced to two (200) hundred metres in order to conduct specific and detailed soil drainage, environmental and geo-technical analyses.

This alignment will undergo further assessment and possible changes by the Contractor/ Developer who will be awarded a concession franchise to build, operate and maintain the 230 km toll highway.  Additional details on Highway 2000 corridors will be made available to the public and the relevant maps posted in parishes and communities to be affected by construction.

Image removed.Highway 2000 is designed to meet the needs of Jamaica for fast, efficient and safe movement between its major cities and for future development projects.

All interchanges are grade- separated and located based on local traffic requirements and on both existing and future development objectives.

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